GAPA on “Chicago Tonight”

Autry Phillips, of Target Area Development Corporation, and Adam Gross, of Business and Professional People for the Public Interest, discuss GAPA’s proposed Chicago ordinance on “Chicago Tonight.” Watch »

Digital Townhall Materials

Learn about the new, city-wide, civilian-led oversight body: The Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability, and 22 new, elected District Councils, one in each police district.

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Leadership, Partnership, and Trust: A Community Plan for a Safer Chicago

For almost two years, GAPA members have engaged with communities across Chicago to develop a comprehensive proposal for both a citywide community oversight board and a neighborhood-level body that will work on safety initiatives within each police district. An ordinance embodying the proposal will be introduced in the Chicago City Council. This report describes the elements of the proposal and the reasoning behind it.

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GAPA Community Conversation Analysis

GAPA held 19 Community Conversations with over 1650 participants. Click the link to view an analysis of the responses from participants across the city.

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The Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability

Read the GAPA-led proposed amendment, backed by nearly two dozen aldermen, to establish civilian oversight of police.

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