We need #ECPSnow!

The coalitions behind the Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) and Grassroots Alliance for Police  Accountability (GAPA) ordinances have united and created an ordinance to transform policing in Chicago.  The two coalitions represent more than 100 organizations and tens of thousands of people. Hundreds of community members from neighborhoods across the city were directly involved in creating the ordinance that integrates the best thinking on police reform in Chicago and gives Chicago communities a powerful voice in determining what policing looks like. Aldermen who have led efforts for reform have been deeply involved, and the coalitions and aldermanic leaders are working to ensure that there is City Council support for the change Chicago needs.


Take Action to Support ECPS!

Aldermen need to hear from you– their constitutents– that support the right to democratic oversight over CPD!

  • Send your alderman and Public Safety Chair Chris Taliaferro an automated email: bit.ly/SupportECPS
  • Don’t know who your alderman is? Find out and call them about ECPS at bit.ly/FindMyAlderman
  • Learn about taking action on ECPS by spreading the word with your friends and on social media at bit.ly/PassECPS

What will the ECPS ordinance do?

The ordinance fill fundamentally transform policing in Chicago by (1) creating a  Community Commission on Public Safety, (2) creating District Councils, and (3) creating an opportunity for additional democratic reform.

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