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Emanuel Pressured to Deliver Civilian Police Oversight Before Leaving Office, Chicago Sun Times, September 20

Group calls on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to act on civilian police oversight before he leaves office, Chicago Tribune, September 20

Police Reformers Demand More Civilian Oversight Of CPD, WBBM Radio, September 20

Public Hearings of Ordinance

‘Grassroots’ Plan Seeks Accountability For Police Leadership, WBEZ, May 30.

Chicago Debates If Civilian Groups Should Oversee Police, NPR, May 28. 

Aldermen to Change Public Hearing Format, Chicago Sun Times, May 18. 

Police union president insists no more civilian oversight needed, ABC 7, May 21. 

Mayoral ally schedules five public hearings on civilian police review, Chicago Sun Times, May 10.


Editorial: Haggling over citizen oversight of CPD, Chicago Tribune, April 6. 

The Promise of Transparency, Chicago CBS Local, April 6. 

Confirmation Hearing Begins for New COPA Chief, NBC News, April 6.

What Oversight Should Civilians Have Over Chicago Police?, Chicago Tonight, April 6.

Reform advocates complicate showdown over civilian oversight of CPD, April 5.

Ordinance Introduced to City Council:

Counterproposals for police oversight board don’t include power to fire superintendent, Chicago Tribune, March 29.

Emanuel ally pushes rival plans for civilian police oversight — minus key powers, Chicago Sun-Times, March 29.

Group proposes civilian commission to oversee Chicago police, ABC News, March 13.

‘Editorial: Chicago prepares to debate the role of citizens in police oversight’, Chicago Tribune, March 12.

‘Grassroots group wants authority over CPD to improve community relations’, WGN, March 13.

Lightfoot warns of political backlash if Emanuel stalls civilian oversight‘, Chicago Sun-Times, March 13.

Give a civilian oversight board the power to remove police superintendent, set policy, community groups propose, Chicago Tribune, March 10.

Scathing police accountability report sets off debate, Illinois Playbook, March 14. 

Activists stand up for proposed civilian power to fire top Chicago cop, Chicago Tribune, March 14.

Leven: The Community Commission For Public Safety Is Reform With A Capital , A Better Government Association, March 16.

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